VIJALight warranty policy

The VIJALIGHT products are warranty all over the world by 3 years pro-rated limited warranty by terms and condition of VIJA Technologies Company (“VIJA”) such as:

  • In the event of a breach of the manufacturer’s warranty set out above, VIJA agrees that within 12 months from date of purchase, the Buyer may receive one of 1) repaired lantern or 2) replacement lantern. For the period 12 months to 24 months from the Purchase Date, a credit of 50% of the original purchase price will be applied to the purchase of the new Lantern. For the period 24 months to 36 months from the Purchase Date, a credit of 75% of the original purchase price will be applied to the purchase of the new
  • The warranty on any replacement lights will not extend beyond the thirty-six months from ORIGINAL purchase date. VIJA must be notified of any product malfunctioning within a 90-day period from occurrence.  Notifications beyond 90 days will not be eligible for a warranty claim.
  • The customer is responsible for return of defective lights to the point of purchase.
  • VIJA makes no further warranties, expresses or implied concerning the goods furnished hereunder other than they shall meet the VIJA’s current published product specifications. Any recommendations made by VIJA or its distributors concerning the use, design or application of said goods are believed reliable, but VIJA makes no warranty of results to be obtained. Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for loss or damage resulting from the handling or use of said goods and VIJA shall not be liable under the above warranty in the event that the failure of the VIJA lighting product to perform in accordance with published product specifications is in any way attributable to the improper use, storage, installation or placement of the VIJA lighting product
  • The above terms and conditions govern the sale of goods listed herein. No oral understanding, representations or warranties shall be of any effect.